The Slackers' Chords

UPDATE - 11th August, 2008

Just a small update, with several songs from Self Medication

If anyone feels the need to work out the lyrics for "Estranged" or "Eviction", that would be great!


UPDATE - 14th April, 2008

Crazy. I haven't updated this site in so long. But there were a few emails recently that asked for a few songs, and I just got some time off studying, so I've been doing a bit of work for the site.

Updates this time include Soldier, Dave's Friend, So This is the Night, Old Days, and a handful of songs from Vic's solo album Hamburguru.

There were a few others, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.


UPDATE - 28th July, 2007

Alright, so the site has a new look, this time based off the band's "Upsettin' Ernesto's" album cover. I hope you like it. I simply felt that it was time for a change.

As you can see, there is now also a section for bass tabs to go into, instead of on the same page as the chord charts. I'll hopefully be fleshing out this section with bass tabs as soon as possible, but if you want to assist me by tabbing them out, feel free!


UPDATE - 23rd July, 2007

Alright, so the site is at a new address. This is the first update in ages guys, sorry about that, but I've been busy.

But I have bought a domain name. From now on, this website will be at The other site I had didn't seem to want to cooperate half the time.

So that's about all. Not much of an update chords-wise (although there are a few). It would have been a complete overhaul of the look of the site, but after I did all the work for that, it seemed that it wasn't going to work. Go figure! Anyway, I'll try and get that to work in the next little while.


UPDATE - 21st February, 2007

Thanks for the continuing support y'all. It's good to see the counter ticking up and up - it means there's plenty of Slackers fans out there!

Here is a link to The SKA Lyric Archive, and one to the Slackers section of the website.

As for me, I've been keeping busy with stuff other than Slackers Chords, but I have done a bunch lately, so keep on enjoying the site. I'll keep putting songs up as I transcribe them.

Again, of course, feel free to request songs or send corrections or songs that I don't have up yet.

Also, if you guys want to link to my site, copy this code:

<a href=""><img border="0" src=""></a>

Which gives you this: Banner


UPDATE - 3rd January, 2007

Wow, in under 2 months this website has had over 700 hits. Now, this may seem a trivial number to some, but to me, it's awesomely huge. Thanks to all you beautiful people out there who dig The Slackers and their music.

I'm up to about 76 tabs/chords, with more on the way all the time. If you particularly would like a song done, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do for you. Also, any ideas about the site and what I can do with it would be great, so if you have any such ideas, give them to me!

If you feel that you would particularly like to give me something in return for all my hard work, you might like to casually hint to any of the guys from the band to go on tour to Australia, it would be greatly appreciated! :P

Thanks a bunch,

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